About Us


For 12 years, David Yearsley, founder of Ensure-A-Seal and inventor of the Casket Protector, worked in the burial vault business. At that time, mausoleums were becoming a popular choice for internment. Initially involved with in-ground removals, David recognized that there was no product available for caskets that were removed from the ground and placed in mausoleums. At the same time, mausoleum managers recognized issues occurring in their mausoleums, including fluid leakage, odor and infestation.

In 1985, David developed the pioneering product that addresses the source of these problems. With innovations in design and the most durable, premium-grade materials, the Casket Protector guarantees lasting protection for both caskets and mausoleums.

David and team have dedicated more than 30 years to providing above-ground casket protection for mausoleum entombments. No one knows the industry standards and challenges better and delivers timely, lasting solutions like Ensure-A-Seal.

Our Team

David Yearsley | Founder & CEO
In addition to his expertise and specific focus on casket protection, what sets David apart from competitors is his personal approach to every job, forging genuine connections and lasting partnerships with clients. His commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships is evident in all interactions, whether working closely with customers to solve problems, dedicating time to understand specific needs or assisting a supplier to help grow their business.

Jordan Yearsley | President
Jordan oversees a diverse program of growth initiatives to successfully propel Ensure-A-Seal into the future. A recipient of a J.D. from Cardozo Law School, Jordan brings his focused commitment to business development as Ensure-A-Seal furthers its reputation as an industry leader.

Marc Yearsley | Marketing & Product Development Manager
Marc is responsible for managing both marketing outreach and product development for Ensure-A-Seal. A graduate of NYU's Steinhardt School with a degree in Media Studies, Marc has worked as a journalist at several major online media outlets. Marc's background in communication and ongoing engagement with the visual arts give him a valuable perspective on reaching our customers and pursuing existing new death care products.

Bill Matro | National Sales Director
With more than 20 years of experience in sales, project management, product placement and distribution expansion at a Global 500 company, Bill brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to our full-service organization. His commitment to building and maintaining strong relationships transcends all interactions, whether working closely with customers to solve problems, dedicating time to understand specific needs or assisting as a supplier to help grow business.

Customer Satisfaction

“It’s a quality product that is easy to install by us and supplied by a dependable company that ships when they say they’re going to. If I ever have any problems or concerns, Dave stops by. He stops by even without problems, so he monitors his own product.”
Charles Reagan, Park Superintendent, White Haven Memorial Park

“It’s been more than 25 years since we began using your casket enclosure...Two mausoleums and hundreds of entombments later our buildings remain as odor-, insect- and fluid-free as the day we opened the door for dedication services—proving that the product declarations by Ensure-A-Seal are totally with merit and further reinforce my confidence in continued use.
Paul R. Shiring, Superintendent, The Washington Cemetery 

Case Studies

Success is a recurring result on our projects. Read some examples below:


The cemetery constructed its first mausoleum in the early 1980s. It did not require trays or casket enclosures for entombments. They noticed some mausoleum-related concerns, but nothing significant enough to change their approach.

A large addition with a chapel and capacity of 3,000 crypt spaces was built in 1996. After two years, the cemetery noticed increasing mausoleum maintenance issues—primarily insect infestation. They used a competitor’s casket enclosure product for all entombments. By 2000, the insect infestation had not subsided and grew to be such a problem that the cemetery reached out to Ensure-A-Seal.

Ensure-A-Seal went on location to assess the conditions. David Yearsley inspected the chapel building and identified 15 caskets as sources of the problem. David worked with cemetery staff on a plan to remediate the building and implement policies to ensure the safety and continued viability of the mausoleum.

The cemetery now requires Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protectors for all entombments. The mausoleum conditions are better than ever and another chapel building has been added.


In 1988, this client constructed a new chapel mausoleum with a capacity of 6,000 crypts. They then made 25 transfers of in-ground burials to the mausoleum. (As is common with new mausoleum construction, families tend to buy a group of spaces and transfer relatives from pre-existing burial plots to the new family location in the mausoleum.)

The cemetery did not place these caskets in any protective enclosure prior to entombment. Within roughly six weeks, employees noticed odor and insect infestation inside the chapel building. These conditions immediately and directly impacted the sales of spaces in the building. The cemetery decided to consult with Ensure-A-Seal.

David Yearsley went on location to assess the situation. After locating several caskets that caused the majority of the issues, David helped the cemetery get the building back on track. The plan included removal of the affected caskets and placing them inside Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protectors, which contained the odor, fluid leakage and insect infestation.

David continually monitored the conditions in the building, going on site every three months to make sure that the environment continued to improve. The cemetery implemented a policy to use Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protectors on every entombment, and conditions today are superb.


In 2013, a historic cemetery in an urban location learned of deteriorating conditions in its garden mausoleum. An employee noticed fluid leakage coming from a fifth-level crypt, creating an immediate hazard for visitors and employees. The cemetery contacted Ensure-A-Seal to consult on a remediation plan.

Ensure-A-Seal advised the cemetery to notify the funeral director and casket manufacturer to determine if the casket was under warranty. The casket was not under warranty, so the funeral director notified the family and assured them that the problem would be quickly addressed. Ensure-A-Seal was retained to place the casket in an Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protector and clean the mausoleum building.

With the approval of the funeral director and next of kin, Ensure-A-Seal staff safely supervised the removal of the casket and its placement in an Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protector. This procedure contained all odors and fluid to make the area safe again. The cemetery elected to require Ensure-A-Seal Casket Protectors for all entombments in its buildings and has not had a problem since.