April News & Views

Friday, April 29, 2016

It's been a busy month for us, and we've been on the road for much of April. We'll have a some thoughts and photos from the 2016 ICCFA Expo in New Orleans on the blog next month. Until then, here is some light reading for Friday afternoon.

$25,000 Private Mausoleum Doors Stolen in Philadelphia
In Philadelphia, thieves were somehow able to steal two mausoleum doors from a private family crypt in Laurel Hill Cemetery. Laurel Hill is a National Historic Landmark, a rare designation for cemeteries, and was founded in 1836. The mausoleum doors were valued at $25,000. It is unclear how the robbers were able to actually take the doors, as each 6 foot tall door weighed about 800 pounds.

Keeping the 146-year-old body of Vladimir Lenin Looking Fresh
For 92 years, the preserved corpse of Vladimir Lenin has been on display in a mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square. Embalming is a pretty short term solution - and a lot of extra work after that process goes into keeping a body in good shape for just a couple days of viewings. The Russian government recently disclosed just how much it will cost to keep Lenin looking like as fresh as can be: $198,000.

Green Burial in the New York Times
Just last week, the New York Times ran a feature in the Business Section on the rise of Green Burial, focusing on Coeio's Infinity Burial Suit (that debuted at the ICCFA show in New Orleans) - which uses two kinds of mushrooms to break down the body and its toxins - they also discussed a biodegradable urn, Bios. The NYT doesn't cover our industry too often, so it's worth checking out the article.

ICCFA 2016 Opening Act
The 2016 ICCFA Convention in New Orleans opened the show with a Second Line-esque funeral parade through the convention hall - you can watch a nice video of the march here, courtesy of Jennifer Muldowney.