Ensure-A-Seal Brought in as Entombment Expert in Tennessee Cemetery Case

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Sunset Memorial Gardens, a cemetery in Cleveland, Tennessee, has been the subject of a number of complaints by family members and funeral directors over the past several years, and has brought on Ensure-A-Seal Founder and CEO David Yearsley as an entombment consultant. David has been hired to inspect their cemetery grounds, advise on best practices for ongoing maintenance, and submit an official report for review by the Burial Services & Cemetery Division of the Tennessee Department of Commerce & Insurance. 

For over 30 years, David has developed a reputation as the industry's expert in mausoleum-related concerns. Inventing casket protection and educating cemeteries on the need to address and control the forces of decomposition inside their buildings has established David and Ensure-A-Seal as a thought leader in the industry. Ensure-A-Seal is proud to be the only casket protection company, and one of the only organizations in the death care industry at large, that will go on-site to perform correction and clean-up work for problem caskets and mausoleums. 

In 2014, the 10th District Attorney's Office in Tennessee filed a lawsuit against the cemetery after a number of family complaints regarding leaking crypts, unkempt grounds, and broken headstones, among others. Though reaching an agreement regarding the cemetery maintenance in early 2015, the dispute has played out publicly and continued into this new year. David has spent several days on-site examining conditions, and while detecting no fluid leakage or odor, he has offered a detailed proposal for monitoring the mausoleum and implementing a casket protection program for all future entombments to control the conditions in their building.

A situation like this is one of the worse-case-scenario's for any cemetery - family complaints, regular local news coverage, a public lawsuit, local and state government involvement - and create a financial, logistical, and public relations nightmare for your business. Having some kind of plan in place to address potential issues when they arise is key to avoiding a protracted and costly matter.