Photos: Buenos Aires Recoleta Cemetery

Thursday, February 18, 2016

The largest city in Argentina, and the capital of the country, Buenos Aires is a vast, diverse, and unique city nestled in the heart of South America. European in style and feel, Buenos Aires attracts tourists from around the world, and in particular is known for its cultural milieu. Theaters dominate the arts, and with 300 active venues on any given weekend, it ranks number 1 the world. The architecture is a great amalgam of Latin American and European influences, Like the massive Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris, Buenos Aires has La Recoleta Cemetery, right in the heart of the famous Recoleta neighborhood in downtown Buenos Aires. La Recoleta Cemetery covers 14 acres and is filled with nearly 5000 standalone above-ground vaults.

Not all cemeteries attract tourists or become historic sites, but a few major ones come to mind pretty quickly: Green-Wood in New York City, Arlington in Washington D.C., Hollywood Cemetery in Richmond, VA., Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA. Essentially, any cemetery could become such an historic attraction, with enough time and maintenance, and maybe a celebrity resident or two. What gives death care professionals an interesting perspective, though, is that we quite intimately understand the amount of work that goes into maintaining a cemetery. Cemeteries come in all shapes and sizes, and each present unique challenges for ongoing care, but they are more than just our places of work - they are perpetual monuments to the present. They last, and matter, which is hard to ignore when walking through a place like La Recoleta.

The cemetery is home to many famous Argentineans, like Eva Perón, celebrated political figure and subject of the Andrew Lloyd Weber musical Evita. Marc traveled to BA over the summer and snapped these photos while touring the grounds. Check them out!